​      OLD SCHOOL MXer's 

The seventies had a flavor unlike anything before it with colorful muscle cars, the golden age of rock and roll, discos and mini dress divas.

These classic's are restored and ready to ride today.

     The Bicentennials

 The Redwing's - 76 Honda CR125m & CR250m

 Suzie Q - 76 Suzuki RM125a

 Yamaha 76 YZ125x Build in progress

 The 78-81 MXer's were put on steroids. They all became taller, faster, and more reliable.

     The Super Jocks

 79 Honda CR125 & CR250

 80 Honda CR125 & CR250

 80 Yamaha YZ125g  

 81 Yamaha YZ250h build in  progress

 78 Suzuki RM125c, RM250c2

 79 Suzuki RM125

      The Brutes & Bullies 

 83 Honda CR480

 79 Yamaha YZ 400

 80 Yamaha YZ 465

 79 Suzuki RM400 Build in progress

     The late 80's and 90's brought us disc brakes, water cooling, power valves, and more refined suspensions. All the 86-87 Honda CR's had awesome motors while the 90's put new spins on the great designs. 

 86 Honda CR250

 86 Suzuki RM125

 87 Honda CR250, CR500

 87-88,Honda CR125's the build's are in progress

 93 Honda CR125

 93 Honda CR250 Mcgrath replica
 Just finished and ready to ride!

 95 Honda CR250

  Some smaller classics available for fun and learning.

  99 Honda XR100

  04 Honda XR70

  80 Honda XR80

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Modern day
Old School

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