We offer you several options of iconic motorcycles along with our services for MX Adventure Rides at the local tracks listed below. With advanced booking at special rates we can accommodate guided rides, particular race venues, times, dates and track rentals for larger groups. Please book well in advance to help with smooth scheduling. Riding Gear rental $30/Day.     Contact Chris at 
408-781-2731 or
 Payment in advance guarantee's your dates. For full refund please cancel 48hrs in advance.  

​Track and Facility Info;

408 MX
2542 Montery Rd, San Jose, CA
Tel hot line 408-595-0901, 
Thur 2-8pm, Sat 9-2pm, Sun 9-3pm
Gate fee $30
Practice is normally divided into 3- 20 min sessions per hour, Mini/Exp-Int/Vet- Beg or Open practice  (Red stickers ok)

Our 408mx rates for bikes per rider, per day are $275 
Notes; 408 MX is our local South Bay favorite. 408 MX is in a central easy to get to location and is impeccably maintained and updated weekly with safe yet challenging layouts.  

Club Moto Motocross Track 
Old Altamont Pass Rd
Livermore, CA 94551
Hot Line: (925) 308-4814
Wed 3:00-8:30 Sat 9:00- 2:00 Sun 9:00-3:00pm
Gate fee $25
Practice is normally divided into 3- 20 min sessions per hour. Mini/Exp-Int/Vet-Beg or Open practice (Red Stickers ok)

Our Club Moto Rates for bikes per rider, per day are $300 x (Groups 2 to 8 riders) 1 rider rates are $350
Notes; Club Moto has been  the best option for the Central - Northern Bay Area for the last decade. Club Moto is on a par with the best in maintenance and layout, and normally the best MX track option for Wednesdays.

Metcalf Motorcycle Park
300 Metcalf Rd
San Jose, CA 95138
(408) 226-5223 (park office)​
Open Thur-Mon, Closed Tue & Wed
Gate fee $6 per vehicle
Motocross competition track
Mini-motocross track (150cc four stroke or 100cc two stroke or less)
Beginner's oval
12 miles of main trails (beginners/intermediate)
8 miles of single track enduro (expert) trails
Hill climb area
Trials course
Shaded picnic areas, restrooms, visitor center, food/drink vending machines
Cruising Cafe (food vendor on weekends only)

Our Metcalf rates for bikes per rider for 4hr rides are $300 (Groups of 2-8 people)  1 rider rates $400

Notes; If your looking for a wide variety of terrains with a large area to ride, Metcalf has it going on in close proximity to the South Bay.  (Green Sticker season now) 

Hollister Hills SVRA 
District Office:(831) 637-8186
Ranger Station:(831) 637-3874
800 Cienega Road
Hollister CA 95023
Lower Ranch Open 7 days a week
Oct 1st to May 30th Red sticker open
GP Track on Upper Ranch is only open on special select dates, please check availability 

Our Hollister rates for bikes per rider for 4hr rides are $325 (Groups of 2-8 riders) 1 rider rates $425

Our Notes: Hollister  Lower Ranch has the best of everything from  the largest riding areas to different types of tracks, hill climbs and trails. Red sticker bikes are allowed from Oct 1 to May 31. Green stickers only for the rest of the year. Red Sticker bikes are good on the GP track only all year long. See Upper Ranch GP track notes below.

Our Notes; Hollister  Upper Ranch GP Track is only open on specific ride days and race days. We will try to post these ride dates on our website FYI. The GP track is the best outdoor motocross track the South Bay area vacinity has to offer. Its has a variety of nice hill climbs, g-outs, tabletops and everything else a classic MX track should have. Red sticker ok.

Carnegie SVRA 
18600 W Corral Hollow Road
Tracy CA 95376
Ranger Station:
(925) 447-9027
Sector Office:
(925) 447-0426
District Office:
(916) 985-8521
Open 7 Days a week
Oct 1st to April 30th Red Sticker open
With more than 1,300 acres of riding area, Carnegie offers a variety of terrain. Characterized by dry rocky washes, rolling hills and steep, rugged canyons, the park provides a setting for off-highway vehicle users of all skill levels.

Our Carnegie rates for bikes per rider for 4hr rides are $325 (Groups of 2-8 riders) 1 rider rates $425
Our Notes; Carnegie is an option thats open 7 days a week for riders of all skills near the Central Valley of Ca. The Green sticker only rule applies between April 1st and Oct 1st.
The Dream
Modern day
Old School

email me

1. Dates & Tracks; Please specify in your email which days, times, and track you are requesting. We book on a first come, first serve, but will try to accommodate a reasonable amount of riders per track, per day.

2. Pick your two favorite MXers from our list. Our goal is for you to have a safe and fun MX Adventure Ride. You can choose your favorite Dream Ride MXers from the available list and we will have them at the track on your ride day. Give us  your top two favorites from our list of whats available for your specific track day.The tracks can be challenging and we encourage you to eat healthy and drink lots of water ahead of the track time. Snacks and water will be available on all our rides.

3. Skill level; Its important that we know your skill level, riding experience, and  body size for your own fun and safety. We don't want beginners on Honda CR500's, Yamaha YZ465's, or Suzuki RM 400's before they are ready. Please give us an honest assessment of your skill levels on a scale of 1-10. 1 = never ridden a motorcycle in the dirt, 2 - 4 beginner skill levels, 5-7 novice veteran or intermediate, and 8-10  Expert to Pro.  This will also help us to set the bikes up more accordingly to your weight, size and skill level.

4. Riding Gear; We will do our best to supply riding gear for anyone that needs it. We have a large variety of MX Boots, Helmets and riding gear available. But please specify sizes and request in advance so we have what you need when we arrive at the track.  Riding gear $30/Day

           THE LIST ( MXers ready to ride)
Available Bikes for Tracks include all Red Sticker and all Green Sticker bikes. We are finishing and adding additional bikes to the list weekly, please call for latest info on bike availability. 

REDSTICKER Bikes, (Track Only May 31st - Oct 1st)
-2 Honda 14 & 08 CRF450s
-2 Honda 14 & 12 CRF250s
-3 Honda  76, 79 CR125s   
-1 Suzuki 78 RM250 C2
-1 Suzuki 79 RM125
-1 Yamaha 80 YZ125
-1 Yamaha 80 YZ465

GREEN STICKER Bikes (Legal everywhere all year)
- 1 Honda 83 CR480
- 1 Honda 87 CR500
- 1 Honda 93 CR250 
- 1 Honda 95 CR250
- 1 Honda 93 CR125
- 2 Honda 99 & 01 XR100's
- 1 Honda 04 XR70
- 1 Suzuki 76 RM 125
- 1 Suzuki 97 RM 250
 -1 Yamaha 78 YZ400 is based at 408mx
Check for more details