​                      Talk about fun!
Was a blast to go ride again. Haven't got to in years. MX Adventure rides provided me the opportunity to get back in the dirt. I was really surprised by the selection of bikes, riding gear, and places to go. I wanted to hit a track so we met at the Santa Clara "408MX" track. Had a great time riding. Chris was a good guy to be around and even helped me with a few pointers to get around the track a little faster. I can't wait for my next MX adventure ride!!!!
         Craig Tuma of Los Gatos Ca  9-24-15

         My  Adventure Ride Experience 
On my vacation in the Bay Area I got to hook up with Chris @MX 408. He set me up with a Honda CR250F. The track was awesome, well groomed and a great layout. Being from Hawaii, it was my first riding experience on the mainland, talk about a great first impression! I can't wait to go back and spend at least 3 days at MX 408 on my next trip. Chris made my dad and I feel so comfortable. We really enjoyed hanging out with him! 

Aloha from Hawaii Braden Rapozo  1-30-16

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