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The Dream, 
My passion for MX has roots that started back in the vintage days of early motocross. I remember admiring Ake Johnson and his Maico when "The King" Roger DeCoster was duelling it out with Heikki Mikkola,  Brad Lackey and all the other Europeans and upcoming Americans. It was the early 70's and soon to follow were the updated longer travel suspensions and the glory days of Marty Smith, Bob "Huricane" Hannah, and "The Jammer" Jimmy Weinert showing the old and new generation how its done with fresh new styles and never say die attitude's. Those days were at their best for me  in the late seventies. My dreams were filled with Red Rocket Honda Elsinores, the DeCoster inspired Suzuki RMs and Hurricane Hannah's wild come from behind Monoshock Yamaha's. As life progressed the memories of motocross heroes and new technologies continued into the eighties with Ricky Johnson, Jeff Ward, Johnny "O'show" O'mara, David "Professor" Bailey, Damon "Beast from the East" Bradshaw, Danny" Magoo" Chandler, and  many more. Although the bikes were changing and the sport of motocross intensified, there was no greater thrill then that first ride on a 74 Honda CR125m Elsinore. Later in life came the YZ's, the RM's, the KX's, Husky CR's and so on. Although a teen ager at the time, the smell, sound, and feel of those classic two strokes left a lasting impression imprinted in my soul. Back in the 70's and early 80's our backyards were our playground here in the Santa Cruz Mountains. We could ride off road from one side of Santa Cruz and Santa Clara County to the other side of San Meteo County on fire roads, trails and single track with only a couple asphalt crossings. We did Wed and Friday night races at Baylands and had great outdoor tracks in Pescadero, Santa Cruz Fair Grounds, Watsonville (Sticks), Moss Landing and more.  Now our backyard of open trails and freedom from CARB (Ca. Air Resource Board) restrictions has been replaced with paved roads, private neighborhoods, no trespassing signs and locked gates. CARB legislates 

Red Stickers and Green Stickers and if your very lucky you might still have a secluded place you can still ride.  Although our riding areas, freedoms and facilities are slowly being developed, closed and restricted further and further every year, we still have a few great options for riding available here to enjoy. My goal is to help make that dream a reality for Dirt Bike riders all over. Whether your from the Bay Area or traveling through on vacation, you can have the chance to ride our South Bay Area tracks on a handful of Iconic Classics or the newer Modern Day Marvels.