The Red Sticker candidates;
The Honda CRF's and CR's I have built on this page are setup to preform well on a variety of tracks from rough whoops and jumps to tight single track. With a few adjustments we can dial the bikes in for your riding weight and skill levels. We have two Honda CRF 450's and two CRF 250's. All the bikes have updated suspension, steering dampers, oversize foot pegs, aftermarket exhaust systems, and much more.  We also offer optional tall or stock seat heights. The Honda CRFs are known for their smooth easy to ride power bands and great handling. Our CRs and other two strokes can be found in the Old School section.

 Red Sticker low hour race bikes available now

1. 2014 Honda CRF 450, FMF Ti Exhaust, MX Tech PSF to SFF Forks with stiff spring, MX Tech Shock Revalve with stiff 5.7 spring, Extra wide Ti foot pegs, oversize Boyeson water pump, oversize Rentals bars. K&N Air filter system, Oversize Tsunami front disk brake rotor. MX 32 Dunlop tires.  Choice of tall or stock seat.
SET up for faster Nov/Int/Exp, but very user friendly.

2. 2014 Honda CRF 250 with 2015 Showa TAC Air forks, oversize Renthal bars, Re Mapped  ignition for race fuel, Twin Air Filter, Yoshirma Ti Pipes, Extra wide Ti footpegs, oversize Tsunami front brake rotor, Dunlop MX 32-52 Tires. Choice of tall seat or stock seat. Low Hours.
Set up for Nov/Int/Exp, very user friendly. 

3. 2012, Honda CRF 250, Twin Air filter, FMF Pipe, oversize Renthal bars, 4.7 Fork springs,  Choice of tall or stock seat. Low Hours. Set up is easer to ride for Beg, Nov, Int, and Exp friendly.

4. 2008, Honda CRF 450, Has all the goodies, from FMF Ti Pipe to Factory Connection Suspension, Scotts steering Damper, 20mm off set RG3 triple clamps, oversize Renthal bars and more. This is a new motor with very low hours matched with a rebuilt from the ground up chassis with Brigestone 404/403 tires, and choice of tall or stock seat. Nov, Int, Exp. Suspension is plush and power is as good as it gets. The new Hondas have nothing on the older cherished 2008 motor. It may be the best 450F motor Honda  ever produced! 

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