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1. Dates & Tracks; Please specify in your email which days, times, and track you are requesting. We book on a first come, first serve, but will try to accommodate a reasonable amount of riders per track, per day.

2. Pick your favorite Dream Ride MXers. Our goal is for you to have a safe and fun MX Adventure Ride. You can choose your favorite Dream Ride MXers from the available list and we will have them at the track on your ride day. With large groups some alternating of bikes between sessions may be necessary. The tracks can be challenging and we encourage you to eat healthy and drink lots of water ahead of the track time. Snacks and water will be available on all our rides.

3. Skill level; Its important that we know your skill level, riding experience, and  body size for your own fun and safety. Please give us an honest assessment of your skill levels on a scale of 1-10. 1 = never ridden a motorcycle in the dirt, 2 - 4 beginner skill levels, 5-7 novice veteran or intermediate, and 8-10  Expert to Pro.  This will also help us to set the bikes up for your weight, size and skill level.

4. Riding Gear; We have a large variety of mx boots, helmets and riding gear available if needed. Please specify your sizes and any special requests ahead of your ride.
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  we accept Pay Pal upon        confirmation of Ride Day
 dates and locations.

Please don't forget to request.

1. Dates, Track or Facility and size of group. (1-8)

2. 1st & 2nd Choice of available Dirt Bikes from Green Sticker or Red Sticker lists.

3. Skill levels 1-10, weight & height.

4. Riding gear request & sizes if necessary.
          THE LIST                     
Available Bikes for Tracks include all Red Sticker and all Green Sticker bikes. We are finishing and adding additional bikes to the list weekly.  

REDSTICKER Bikes, (Track Only May 31st - Oct 1st)
-2 Honda 14 & 08 CRF450s
-2 Honda 14 & 12 CRF250s
-3 Honda 76 & 79 CR125s  
-2 Suzuki 79 & 86 RM125s
-1 Suzuki 78 RM250 C2
-1 Yamaha 80 YZ125
-1 Yamaha 80 YZ465

GREEN STICKER Bikes (Legal everywhere all year)
- 1 Honda 83 CR480
- 1 Honda 87 CR500
- 1 Honda 93 CR250 
- 1 Honda 95 CR250
- 1 Honda 93 CR125
- 2 Honda 99 & 01 XR100's
- 1 Honda 04 XR70
- 1 Suzuki 76 RM125
 -1 Yamaha 79 YZ400